Windows Cannot Be Installed to the Selected Location. Error: 0x80300001.

For my first blog post, I thought I would start off with something simple.

When you are installing Windows to a new computer/server, or reinstalling on an existing one, and you have to use the hard drive adapter drivers from another CD/DVD, you may get this less-than-helpful error message.  The error makes you think there is something wrong with your new computer or existing one, but fear not, all you have to do is put the Windows DVD back in the drive and click Refresh (remember, you removed the Windows DVD to put in the CD/DVD for the hard drive adapter driver).  The error message is telling you the truth, Windows can’t install since it can’t read its own installation files, but the error could be a little more. . . direct.  For example, it could say “Please reinsert the Windows DVD so setup may continue.”

You can actually replicate the error over and over by removing and replacing the Windows DVD and clicking refresh each time.


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