Copying files over RDP that are larger than 2G

Ran across this nice little gem today.  I was trying to copy a file to my personal server that I got from a friend so I could do some work to it.  I kept getting the error “unspecified error.”


After a quick Bing search, it turns out this is a known error.  In fact, here is the KB article from Microsoft.  Short version:  copying files across an RDP connection by right-clicking the file on your desktop then choosing copy in the RDP screen (aka clipboard redirection) is not supported.  You’ll need to map the drive to the remote computer using the RDP client as the KB article suggests.


Getting back into Blogging

My last blog post before this one is July 2015.  As I mentioned in a previous post when I tried to revive my blog, a lot has happened since then.  It seems life is always ready to be interesting. 

In my yet another attempt to get back into blogging, I’d like to start 2016 off with some good news about the blogging tool I’m using now – Windows Live Writer 2012.  Windows Live Writer is a great blogging tool.  I’ve used it with WordPress for quite some time now and have even used it with blogger long ago.  Like many others, Windows Live writer became my tool of choice for writing blog content then publishing it.  I never liked many of the other tools out there – not even Microsoft Word. 

Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Live Writer a while back.  Until now.  Well, at least in a way.  Microsoft has decided to open source Windows Live Writer, which I think is awesome.  For those of you who are thinking about getting back into blogging, like I am yet again trying to do, or if you want to try a really neat tool, check out the links below:

Download Windows Live Writer from Microsoft.

Official Wikipedia Page on Windows Live Writer.

Official Wikipedia Page for Open Live Writer, the open source fork.

I’m still using Windows Live Writer for now.  However, I’ll be writing about the new kid on the block, Open Live Writer, very soon.

I hope you are all looking forward to a great 2016.