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You are welcome to contact me at the following:

Email:  jamesnt at hotmail dot com

You can also find me on LinkedIn.


2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi James
    I recently purchased a Juniper SRX100 second hand. Looks like a great device but I can’t download firmware without a service account at Juniper. The device has old firmware (10.2) and would like to upgrade to at least ( Any thoughts would be helpful.

    • Hey Harold,

      The best way to get firmware downloads is with a service account. Service accounts are free and by registering your device you can find out things like how much warranty it has left, etc. Also, should something go wrong with applying your firmware update, you’ll already have the tools you need to get support. And don’t forget about the Juniper forums, they are a great place to get free help.


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