About Me


My name is James Summerlin and I am a software developer, IT Support Provider, and lots of other stuff people have been known to call me but I probably don’t need to repeat here.

Throughout the years, I have obtained a lot of help with various problems I’ve had working with computers/technology from various blogs, forums, books, and close friends. Without that help, situations that were bad enough would have inevitably turned out much, much worse. Well, with this blog, I am hoping to give back to the people involved with those forums, blogs, and books by posting solutions I have discovered to various problems along with the occasional commentary on various subjects including but not limted to the technology industry.

Currently, I work for Kraybill and Associates, a preferred contractor for General Electric/Global Nuclear Fuels here in my hometown of Wilmington, NC.  Previously, I worked for Corning and before then a medical billing company called Professional Data Management, Inc. located in Goldsboro, NC.  I still do consulting work for Professional Data Management, Inc. and for other billing companies in other states such as SourceNet (Charleston, SC) , The Billing Office (Chicago, Il) and for other companies such as Avery Partners located in Atlanta, GA.

I hope you enjoy the tid-bits of information I post here.  Who knows, I may be lucky enough to help you out of some bad situation like so many of you have helped me.


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