Welcome to My Blog

Hello and Welcome,

To learn more about me, be sure to check out the About Me .  I also have a page that lists books I’m reading currently and I’ll comment on them as time moves on.

Topics of this blog will vary somewhat as I cover both IT and software development in my career.  You’ll see things posted about, but not limited to:

  • Visual Studio and C#.  Perhaps even some Team Foundation Server stuff.
  • SQL Server and all the BI stuff included with it (Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services)
  • Windows both client and server
  • The Juniper SRX Series Security Gateway (mostly the 100 and 210)
  • Healthcare technology and commentary

Helpful comments on any of my posts are welcome.  Also, comments on my writing style are welcome.  Obviously, I want this blog to be easy to read and understand since the topics I’ll be covering are hard enough as it is in some (most?) cases.  Furthermore, I do want to learn how to write at a level good enough to be published professionally and with your help I may accomplish that goal.  Speaking of helpful comments, do keep in mind that comments are moderated by me so it may take some time before your comment appears.  I long for the days when bloggers didn’t have to do things like moderation or captcha, but those days are in the distant past, unfortunately.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been playing around with this blog for some time trying to get it right.  Well, I’ve given up on that.  I’ve decided that the best way to run a blog is to let it evolve.  In fact, after thinking about it, that’s probably the ONLY way to run a blog.  🙂


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