Paul Thurrott and Raymond Chen

Paul Thurrott is one of my favorite authors and I do follow his blog religiously.  Paul has written books such as Windows 7 Secrets which can be found on here.  He is also currently working on Windows 8 Secrets, his book about the new Windows operating system due later in 2012.  Be sure to check out his site – I have the link on the right.

Raymond Chen is my programming god and I also follow his blog religiously.  He is a developer at Microsoft on the Windows Shell team which is Windows Explorer, the Start Menu, and desktop.  He also has a book at, The Old New Thing, which is a must-read for all Windows developers.  Do check out his blog, The Old New Thing.  Again, link on the right.

A few years ago, I was not able to go to one of the big Microsoft events of the year after spending a lot of time planning to go.  However, Paul and Raymond were going.  So, I got brave and emailed both of them, explaining my plight, and I requested a picture of the two of them together.  I honestly did not expect a response so imagine my surprise when they both responded and made plans to meet each other!  They even kept copying me on the email exchange – including sharing phone numbers!  I barely expected them to respond, but to actually charge me with that kind of trust was shocking to say the least. 

I found the picture digging through my files so I thought I would share.  Raymond Chen (left) and Paul Thurrott (right).



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