Follow-Up on Hyper-V Recommendations

Previously, I wrote a post about my recommendations for Hyper-V virtualization.  One of the key factors I spoke of was dynamic versus fixed virtual disks.  I also mentioned pass-through disks.  Specifically, I made two points:

  1. Do not use a dynamic disk with any relational database. This includes, but is not limited to: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft Exchange (yes, it uses a relational database to store your email based on the Jet Engine from Microsoft), and so forth
  2. Unless you have a bleeding need for speed (i.e. you run the New York Stock Exchange), do not go out of your way to use pass-through disks.

My friend Aidan Finn, Microsoft MVP for virtualization, recently wrote a post referencing another article that seems to confirm most of what I’m saying but also adds some other very important considerations.  You should check it out by way of Aidan’s excellent blog.


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